Samson Biggs Biography

samson biggs bigography

Samson Biggs Biography

Samson Biggs “The Internet Beast” is a internet marketer, Arizona real estate professional, certified personal trainer, bodybuilder, track and field sprinter, professional blogger, rapper, video producer, and web cam model.

Samson Biggs Biography – Early Years

Samson Biggs was born on April 18th 1981 in Junction City Kansas U.S.A. His birth-name was Gerald Lee Williams Jr. but he later changed his name to Samson Biggs because he thought it sounded a lot cooler!

His father, Gerald Williams Sr. was a corporal in the United States Army and was of African American descent. His mother, Julie Williams was a Veterinarian’s Assistant and was of European American decent.

Biggs spent the first few years of his life together with his father and mother and 2 older sibling Nikia and Natasha. They lived Kansas then moved to Hawaii.

While living in Hawaii his mother and father had a rocking relationship so they decided to go their separate ways. Gerald Williams Sr moved back to his home town of Albion Michigan.

While Julie Williams packed up the kids and moved to Mesa Arizona. After couple years in Mesa Arizona Biggs was blessed with another sibling named Angie.

Sadly a year after Angie was born Biggs father was in a car accident and died in the hospital a few days later. The date was July 6 1986.

Though out the late 1980’s the Williams/Biggs clan moved from Mesa, Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona to Avondale, Arizona.

It’s was in Avondale Arizona when Biggs learn he could run really really fast. His mother enrolled him in track and field after he won a slew of turkey trot races in grade school.

As a youth track and field competitor Biggs was great. He quickly became one of the best sprinters in Arizona for his age group. He even went so far as competing in the junior olympic track and field nationals.

Along with being an exceptional young athlete Samson Biggs was quite the entertainer as a child.

He wrote and performed songs. He made homemade movies with his mother camcorder. He competed in and even won a few talent shows in elementary school and Junior High.

It wasn’t all good times for Biggs as a kid though. In fact his home life was quite dysfunctional. Yelling and fighting was a daily occurrence in the Williams/Biggs household. His eldest sister Nikia was kicked out / abandoned at age 16.

Then Biggs himself was kick out / abandoned at age 11 and sent to live in a children’s home in Mesa Arizona.

Samson Biggs Biography – Teenager Years

samson biggs biography - high school transformation

Samson Biggs Biography – Young Adult Years

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