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Samson Biggs Action Hero Academy

Written By Samson Biggs

If you study these these words and open your mind you will discover hidden messages and spiritual insights though out this blog. My goal is to guide you to the things that you crave. If you want money I can help you. If you want lovers I can help you. If you want power I can help you. If you want fame and glory I can help you. Follow my teachings and you will have all that your heart desires.

Who am I? I’m Samson Biggs. If you’ve never heard of me before. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a bodybuilder, personal trainer, lifestyle coach, and teacher.

I live in the desert namely Scottsdale Arizona USA where the weather is almost always nice.

I am a fitness fanatic, a sexual deviant, a power hungry bastard, and an attention whore who loves money.

I have many vices and many virtues. I have had a stormy life. I have experienced a lot of exciting things.

The most shocking thing I ever experienced was that I was once visited by an angel. The angel bestowed upon me ancient beliefs and ancient wisdom.

The kinds of beliefs and wisdom that made men kings. The kinds of beliefs and wisdom that gives a man the strength to conquer others mercilessly and to feel joy while doing it.

Lying, cheating, stealing, killing . . . I use to think of these things as being bad and sinful. But now I understand that these things are a necessary evil and all part of the game of life.

The cheetah who hides camouflaged in the tall grass does every thing it can to deceive it’s prey into thinking it’s not there. We as men must be like the cheetah and hide in the tall grass.

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samson biggs

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