Samson Biggs: The World’s Strongest Rapper

Samson Biggs: The Arizona Hulk

Hi, I’m Samson Biggs. Welcome to my site! On this site you will find all kinds of cool stuff; from bodybuilder tips, to rap songs, to Youtube vlogs, and so much more!

Whether you’re visiting this site for entertainment or education, bodybuilding motivation or weight loss inspiration, my goal is to give you the very best experience possible!

So who the heck am I anyway? Well, I’m just a guy who figured out this whole internet marketing thing and turned my passions for fitness, music, and computers into a bunch of successful online businesses.

Along with being an internet entrepreneur, I’m am also a competitive bodybuilder, a personal trainer, a rapper, a Youtube vlogger, a male stripper, a computer whiz, and a licensed real estate professional in the State of Arizona.

Not only can I give you diet and exercise advice but I can also sell your house and build you a website lol! When I say full service I mean full service!

I live in Tempe, Arizona USA.

I am a ASU (Arizona State University) Sun Devil.

I have many vices and┬ámany virtues, but for the most part I would say I’m an all around good guy.

And even though I live in one of the hottest places on earth I feel like I am the coolest man on the planet!

So there you go, that was just a small introduction into my world. I look forward to serving you with the best content online and thank you for stopping by.

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